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picture of oxidizer tank picture of oxidizer tank

Hydrogen Peroxide Compatible Propellant Tank

SpeedUpís first product is a flight-weight propellant tank. The tanks are fiberglass overwrapped polyethylene composite tanks that have lower weight compared to metal tanks. They are available with 300 or 600 psi burst pressure and in various sizes. They have metal bulkheads top and bottom that can be configured with various fittings, valves, and sensors.

All tank materials are hydrogen peroxide compatible and cleaned for hydrogen peroxide service. The tanks are also compatible with a wide variety of other room temperature liquids and gasses. The tanks are not compatible with cryogenic temperatures. Please contact us with questions about your specific application.

Price depends on size and configuration. As an example, a 600 psi, 10 gallon tank with AN fittings top and bottom with no valves or sensors is $3200. A 25% discount is available to educational and not-for-profit projects.

To order, email rsteinke@bresnan.net or call 307-460-3172.